Thursday, December 12, 2013

In the past...

If you, like me, have obsessed over your weight for years, its possible that you might have tried some questionable diets in order to drop a lot of poundage quickly. I mean, that's all we really want right? To lose weight quickly and easily. Honestly, think of how many diet companies now boast that their product makes you "lose weight fast without changing your diet or exercise program!" I've tried them. They don't work. (Unless your idea of "working" includes pooping your guts out for 3 days and losing 4 pounds only to gain it all back the day after you get off the diet.) 

My workplace sells a detox system. The goal of the detox it to literally remove all the access toxins from inside your body. Here's an outline of the program:

21 days total
Days 1-7 fruits and veggies ONLY+ cleanse supplement 7 pills taken 3 times daily + powder concoction in a shake 3 times daily. 
Days 8-10 continue with fruits and veggies ONLY and powder shakes adding a different pill supplement
Days 11-15 Slowly add up to 35g of lean protein daily while continuing to eat mostly fruits and veggies +powder +pills
Days 15-21 This is your new life, get used to it. + powder +pills

By day 21, the goal is to be free of most toxins in your body, no longer be addicted to salt, sugar, fat, carbs and everything else tasty, and to never desire to eat anything but organic fruits and veggies and the occasional lean protein ever again.. 

Its hard. I did great on days 1-2. After that, it went downhill. I truly believe that this system could work but it is not a weight loss program; its a detox with a possible side-effect of weight loss. I was in it for the wrong reasons. While I did lose about 6 pounds in those first few days, I didn't reap the benefits intended by the plan.  I was looking for an easy way to lose a few pounds. It was too hard, so I gave up. 

I've decided to wake up from this idea of finding a magic pill. I've wasted years looking while I could have just been eating healthy and exercising. I do have a goal of completing the detox someday, but I'd like to have healthier eating habits down before I start so hopefully its easier not to cheat. 

What diets have you tried? Results? Goals for the future?

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