Tuesday, December 10, 2013

So, there's this break-out new blogger...

Every blogger hopes to be a famous blogger with millions of followers, tweeters, pinners, re-bloggers, likers, sharers, and otherwise tech-savvy, social media addict readers. I don't count myself out. Tons of the most famous bloggers in the sphere are wise-cracking, tell-all types with a talent for pointing out the ugly truths about all sorts of subjects. I don't count myself out of this either. There are countless concords of fitness and nutrition blogs that talk about the authors' recent, successful journey to a healthier, happier and skinnier life. This is where I digress. 

I'm still fat. 

Fat is such a subjective word. We all know that one girl who says she's sooooo fat but clearly she's not. (If you're that girl, go away. ) I think I'm fat but for the interest of correctness, we'll say "overweight". 

I'm 5'4, 24 years old, female and 175 (give or take) pounds. I'm actually quite average in the grand scope of America. I'm not delusional. I see other people and think, "thank heavens I'm not THAT fat" or "sheesh, I better not look like that from behind". 175 pounds is a large shirt and size 12-14 jeans. Average. 

This is me this past summer hiding behind a baby... Isn't the baby so cute!?

This blog is more about being accountable than sharing all my secrets to getting skinny. Clearly, I have no secrets. This is where people can come, identify, advise, lament, laugh, or struggle along side me. If no one reads this... Oh well. 

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