Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mid-Winter Motivation

Basically, I have no motivation in the middle of the winter. Its cold and dark and all I usually want to do it get home, eat, and snuggle up with my book. Even though I have work out facilities at work and plenty of time to exercise at work, I still don't do it. All I can think about is the fact that I'll probably sweat, then I'll have to take a shower. Do I really want to take a shower in the middle of the day with my co-workers and patients right outside the door. No. In the summer its not that hard around here to get a bit of exercise in during the week. We've always got friends inviting us to go hiking or water skiing or swimming or biking. Fun exercise, not "I have to exercise now" exercise. So, How do you motivate your self to exercise during this time of year?

My husband and I bought a house and just moved in this weekend! We are so excited about it!! Its big and beautiful and my parents keep telling me that its time to fill it up with babies. As I was unpacking last night, I came across the swimsuit box. Yikes! There's your mid-winter motivation right there! Just looking at them was enough to convince me that I didn't need to eat that cookie after dinner. I wasn't even brave enough to try any of them on.

Let's motivate each other! Help!

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