Monday, December 23, 2013

The holidays.

Food. That's really all I think about during the holidays. I mean, there's presents and family and Christ's birth and everything too, but it's all centered around food! One of the doctors I work with was talking to a patient last week and I over heard their conversation. The patient was talking about trying to lose weight and how it wasn't working, no matter how much she exercised. Then, the doctor said something we've all heard before: "it's all about your diet". She said that if you really want to lose weight, watch what you eat. That's so hard during the holidays!!! 

My husband, Danny, and I are going to my family's house in Wyoming for Christmas. There's not a ton to do in Wyoming, as one might imagine. So, all we really do is watch movies and EAT! A whole week of eating is what I have to look forward to. 

I had a friend present an interesting idea to me as I was complaining about the week of eating. She suggested that it might be a good time to get a head start on those New Years resolutions by doing some sort of detox or cleanse during the week. I'm not working, I have no place to be so being in the compromising position of removing toxins from my body might not be as incovient. It's a thought. 

I feel like every year, I tend to go a bit overboard with the eating during the holidays because I plan on starting a diet on January 1st anyway. Maybe this year will be different? What does your diet look like during the holidays? Any tips or tricks? 

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