Monday, March 3, 2014


As I have mentioned before, I am blessed to be able to work in an environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle. I have been given an opportunity to be personally trained by a neighboring business and I think I'm going to do it! I'm pretty nervous about it but the most success I've ever had was with a personal trainer. My goals are obviously centered around losing weight and looking super sexy this summer but I'm trying to distract myself with other goals as well. I'd love to be a runner but I'm just not. I have poor respiratory strength and my stamina frankly sucks. But I've always imagined myself getting up early and going for a quite run or taking pictures at the end of a marathon with my water bottle and a big number clipped to my front. So, thats the distraction goal. A group from Madison Park get together and run a couple of races every year. This year they're all running the Seattle Rock N' Roll Half marathon. I'm hoping to join them. I know it's a stretch but in my consult with my trainer, she said it was totally doable. 

With training, I'd also have to be accountable for what I eat everyday. In order to see results, I have to eat healthy and exercise. The trainers see the exercise so if they don't see results, they know its with my diet. I think that this is where I really need someone. It is just way too easy to slink off somewhere where no one knows me, buy a bunch of unhealthy food, and shamefully eat it all. Why?! Why does everything unhealthy taste so good while everything healthy doesn't?! 

I'll have my initial fit test this week so look for those frightening results soon. Has anyone else been personally trained? If so, how'd it go? Did you like it? Success? 

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