Monday, February 17, 2014

At what point....

At what point does one just stop eating. At what point does one consider unhealthy methods of losing weight in order to see just some progress? I feel like I should be losing at least a little bit of weight. I mean, I'm conscious of what I eat so I don't binge, and I've started exercising regularly. Yet, I still haven't lost one pound! I was hoping that "going on a diet" wouldn't be necessary but I'm afraid it might have to be. 

I've got this co-worker. She's a bit heavier set, and she's decided to try veganism "just until she's done with school". What!? Why would someone do something so drastic if they plan on returning to their bad habits once they've reached a goal. I think that thinking like this sets us up for diet failure. This is how I feel about all "diets". It's the mindset that the depravation is only temporary. In only a short time, not only will I have the body I've always wanted, but I'll be able to "re-introduce" the things I gave up to get this great body and my life will finally be perfect. Blah! This is why women and men in our nation are trapped in a constant "diet-cycle". So how do I, essentially, "go on a diet" to lose weight, without falling into this cycle?

Don't get me wrong, I know that a healthy life-style includes healthy, well-balanced meals with regular exercise. But it can take years for people to lose weight this way! So, how would someone. like myself, with reasonable goals, and a reasonable time-frame, lose weight without "dieting" but with the expectation of visible results? It's a tough question because I want quick, diet-like results, without the unhealthy diet cycle. HELP!

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